Kenneth Koerner Perry
Honoring the Legacy

Our dear friend and coach, Ken Perry, passed away
in April 2014 after a long illness.

Because Ken will always have a home in our hearts, we have placed our own version of the eternal flame here, at, to honor Ken's memory and the art he loved.

About Ken



Ken co-founded Philadelphia Muay Thai, Philadelphia's longest-running muay thai club, over 21 years ago with Gerry Brown. When Brazen Boxing & MMA was founded, he and Gerry brought PMT, and the benefit of their knowledge and passion, to an even larger group of students.



Loving and devoted husband to Dre Perry.


Role Model

Ken was an incredibly kind and devoted teacher, and embodied not only the finest aspects of martial arts, but exemplified the type of person we should all aspire to be, a person dedicated to helping others achieve their goals through hard work, friendship, and the sharing of knowledge for the greater good.